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Confessions of a Wild Child: Lucky: The Early Years

By Jackie Collins
Series Lucky Santangelo
Recommended By Marie McLaughlin, Senior Library Clerk

“A prequel to the Lucky Santangelo series features a headstrong teenaged Lucky, who after the murder of her mother escapes her notorious father’s protective stranglehold to pursue a life of sex, drugs and rock-and-roll (From the Publisher).”

David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants

By Malcolm Gladwell
Recommended By Lisa Jones, Readers' Services Librarian

The best-selling author of Outliers uncovers the hidden rules that shape the balance between the weak and the mighty, the powerful and the dispossessed.

Doing Harm

By Kelly Parsons
Recommended By Arlene Silverman, Library Clerk

“Botching a major surgery when his ambition for a prestigious job gets the better of him, Steve Mitchell learns that a patient who died under mysterious circumstances was targeted by a sociopath who holds information capable of destroying Steve’s family and career (From the Publisher).”

Dream of Ding Village

By Yan Lianke
Recommended By Jackie Ranaldo, Head of Readers' Services

A previously banned work based on a true scandal finds an impoverished village targeted by a blood-selling operation that leads to a catastrophic outbreak of AIDS and decimates an entire community.

Fatherhood: And Other Stories

By Thomas H. Cook
Recommended By Ed Goldberg, Head of Reference

“Collects the short stories of Thomas H. Cook, one of America’s most celebrated crime fiction authors (From the Publisher).”

Fine Balance

By Rohinton Mistry
Recommended By Lisa Caputo, Assistant Library Director, Neela Vass, Head of Acquisitions

A portrait of India featuring four characters. Two are tailors who are forcibly sterilized, one is a student who emigrates, and the fourth is a widowed seamstress who decides to hang on. A tale of cruelty, political thuggery and despair by an Indian from Toronto, author of Such a Long Journey..

Five Days at Memorial: Life and Death in a Storm-Ravaged Hospital

By Sheri Fink
Recommended By Jackie Ranaldo, Head of Readers' Services, Amy B., Children's Librarian

Reconstructs five days at Memorial Medical Center after Hurricane Katrina destroyed its generators to reveal how caregivers were forced to make life-and-death decisions without essential resources.

Five Star Billionaire

By Tash Aw
Recommended By Audrey Honigman, Library Clerk

“Dreaming of love and success in rapidly changing Shanghai, four individuals including a starry-eyed waitress, a wealthy developer’s son, a pop artist and a poetry-loving activist confront unexpected realities in regional challenges, including a billionaire’s complex business strategy (From the Publisher).”

Frankenstein: Or, The Modern Prometheus

By Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
Recommended By Megan Kass, Reference Librarian

A monster assembled by a scientist from parts of dead bodies develops a mind of his own as he learns to loathe himself and hate his creator. Includes illustrated notes throughout the text explaining the historical background of the story. 


By Joe Hill
Recommended By Jessikah Chautin, Children's Librarian

After his childhood sweetheart is brutally killed and suspicion falls on him, Ig Parrish goes on a drinking binge and wakes up with horns on his head, hate in his heart, and an incredible new power which he uses in the name of vengeance.

Housemaid’s Daughter

By Barbara Mutch
Recommended By Pam Strudler, Children's Librarian

“After traveling to South Africa for a loveless marriage in 1919, a young Irish woman befriends Ada, the daughter of the housemaid, and must decide what to do when the girl goes missing after being scorned by the community (From the Publisher).”

Last Enchantments

By Charles Finch
Recommended By Stacey Levine, Readers' Services Librarian

After working on a failed presidential campaign, a young Yale graduate leaves New York for Oxford, where he becomes caught up in surprising friendships and an unexpected romantic entanglement.

Men Who United the States: America’s Explorers, Inventors, Eccentrics, and Mavericks, and the Creation of One Nation, Indivisible

By Simon Winchester
Recommended By Brenda Cherry, Reference Librarian

“Acclaimed New York Times bestselling author Winchester illuminates the men who toiled fearlessly to discover, connect, and bond the citizenry and geography of the U.S.A. from its beginnings and ponders whether the historic work of uniting the States has succeeded, and to what degree (From the Publisher).”

Mission Road

By Rick Riordan
Series Tres Navarre
Recommended By Merry Cohen, Library Clerk

Reformed criminal Ralph Arguello suddenly finds himself at the top of a list of suspects when his wife, homicide detective Ana DeLeon, is shot, and is forced to turn fugitive to find the real triggerman and clear his name.

Mistborn: The Final Empire

By Brandon Sanderson
Series Mistborn
Recommended By Ralph Guiteau, Readers' Services Librarian

Experiencing an epiphany within the most daunting prison of the monstrous Lord Ruler who has enslaved his people for a thousand years, half-Skaa Kelsier finds himself taking on the powers of a Mistborn and teams up with ragged orphan Vin in a desperate plot to save their world.

On Such a Full Sea

By Chang-Rae Lee
Recommended By Lisa Caputo, Assistant Library Director

“In a class-divided future America where urban neighborhoods function as labor colonies for elite charter villages, Fan, a female fish-tank diver, embarks on what becomes a legendary quest to find the man she loves in a region overcome by anarchic forces (From the Publisher).”

Red Sparrow

By Jason Matthews
Recommended By Sonia Grgas, Health Reference Librarian, John Shea, Library Page

“Drafted against her will to serve the regime of Vladmir Putin as an intelligence seductress, Dominika Egorova engages in a charged effort of deception and tradecraft with first-tour CIA officer Nathaniel Nash before a forbidden attraction threatens their careers (From the Publisher).”

Rosie Project

By Graeme Simsion
Recommended By Evelyn Hershkowitz, Readers' Services Librarian, Rosemarie Germaine, Senior Library Clerk, Sharon Long, Teen Librarian

Don Tillman a professor of genetics, sets up a project designed to find him the perfect wife, starting with a questionnaire that has to be adjusted a little as he goes along.

Star for Mrs. Blake

By April Smith
Recommended By Sue Ann R., Head of Children's Services

Meeting for the first time for a shared pilgrimage to France to visit the graves of their World War I soldier sons, an Irish maid, a chicken farmer's wife, a Boston socialite, a former tennis star, and a librarian meet a brutally scarred journalist before confronting a shocking secret.

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