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2 States: The Story of My Marriage

By Chetan Bhagat
Recommended By Neela Vass, Head of Acquisitions

“Love marriage around the world are simple: Boy loves girl. Girl loves boy. They get married. In India, there are a few more steps: Boy loves Girl. Girl loves Boy. Girl’s family has to love boy. Boy’s family has to love girl. Girl’s family has to love boy’s family. Boy’s family has to love girl’s family. Girl and Boy still love each other. They get married (From the Publisher).”


By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Recommended By Audrey Honigman, Library Clerk, Lisa Caputo, Assistant Library Director, Evelyn Hershkowitz, Readers' Services Librarian

Separated by respective ambitions after falling in love in occupied Nigeria, beautiful Ifemelu experiences triumph and defeat in America while exploring new concepts of race, while Obinze endures an undocumented status in London until the pair is reunited in their homeland 15 years later, where they face the toughest decisions of their lives.

Children of the Revolution

By Peter Robinson
Series Inspector Alan Banks Novels
Recommended By Ed Goldberg, Head of Reference

“After the body of a disgraced college lecturer is found on an abandoned railway line with a large amount of money in his pocket, Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks suspects that the victim’s death may be connected to his past at a university that was a hot bed of political activism (From the Publisher).”

Code Name Verity

By Elizabeth Wein
Recommended By Sharon Long, Teen Librarian
With Sharon Long, Teen Librarian, Pam Strudler, Librarian

Tuesday, July 22, 2014. 1:30 PM.

In 1943, a British fighter plane crashes in Nazi-occupied France and the survivor tells a tale of friendship, war, espionage and great courage as she relates what she must do to survive.

Code Zero

By Jonathan Maberry
Series Joe Ledger Novels
Recommended By Christine Belling, Systems Manager

“When a team of killers breaks into the Department of Military Sciences and steals the world’s most dangerous weapons, Joe Ledger and Echo Team rush to stop a brilliant and devious master criminal from unleashing terror across the country (From the Publisher).”

Death of Santini

By Pat Conroy
Recommended By John Shea, Library Page

“Chronicles the author’s efforts to reconcile with his harsh fighter pilot father, who inspired “The Great Santini,” recounting how at the end of his father’s life, he defended the author from his critics while helping to heal family estrangements (From the Publisher).”

George Washington’s Secret Six

By Brian Kilmeade
Recommended By Brenda Cherry, Reference Librarian

“Shares the true story of an anonymous group of spies who played important roles in winning the Revolutionary War, documenting how they risked their lives to obtain crucial intelligence for General Washington using sophisticated tactics and complex codes (From the Publisher).”

Girls in White Dresses

By Jennifer Close
Recommended By Rosemarie Germaine, Senior Library Clerk

“Attending an endless series of bridal showers for their friend Kristi, three bridesmaids struggle with private challenges, including Isabell’s unhappiness at a job where she is nevertheless very successful, Mary’s relationship with a man who prioritizes his mother and Lauren’s attraction to a man she despises (From the Publisher).”

How About Never - Is Never Good for You?:  My Life in Cartoons

By Bob Mankoff
Recommended By Lisa Jones, Readers' Services Librarian

A memoir in cartoons by a longtime editor of The New Yorker collects his most popular illustrations and a selection of myriad images in a tribute to the form that traces his youth and career while assessing the psychology of cartooning.

I Heart Vegas

By Lindsey Kelk
Series I Heart Novels
Recommended By Sonia Grgas, Health Reference Librarian

“After her first standalone novel, The Single Girl’s To-Do List, Lindsey returns with a sparkling and romantic new novel in the “I Heart series” (From the Publisher).”

Innocent Sleep

By Karen Perry
Recommended By Amy B., Children's Librarian

“When the son they thought was lost in an earthquake in Tangiers five years earlier reappears on a crowded street in Dublin, Harry and Robin must find out if Dillon was actually alive the whole time (From the Publisher).”

Life is a Wheel

By Bruce Weber
Recommended By Rosemarie Birofka, Librarian Trainee

“Based on his popular New York Times series, chronicles the author’s revelatory cross-country bicycle trip during the summer and fall of 2011 (From the Publisher).”

Old Man’s War

By John Scalzi
Series Old Man’s War Novels
Recommended By Megan Kass, Reference Librarian, Ralph Guiteau, Readers' Services Librarian

“Enlisting in the army on his seventy-fifth birthday, John Perry joins an interstellar war between Earth and alien enemies who would stake claims on the few existing inhabitable planets, unaware that the conflict involves much more than he understands (From the Publisher).”

One-Way Bridge

By Cathie Pelletier
Series Mattagash
Recommended By Rosemarie Germaine, Senior Library Clerk

“Neighbors in the fictional small town of Mattagash, Maine, quibble over trivialities in public but privately struggle with issues ranging from scandal and failed ambitions to war flashbacks and marriage troubles (From the Publisher).”

Operating Instructions: A Journal of My Son’s First Year

By Anne Lamott
Recommended By Sue Ann R., Head of Children's Services

“A single mother and writer grappling alone with the problems of a newborn baby presents a vivid account of the confusion, joys, sorrows, and struggles of the first year in her son’s life (From the Publisher).”

Radiance of Tomorrow

By Ishmael Beah
Recommended By Stacey Levine, Readers' Services Librarian

In a parable about postwar life in Sierra Leone, two long-time friends return to their ruined home village and struggle to rebuild in the face of violence, scarcity, and a corrupt foreign mining company.

Running Like a Girl: Notes on Learning to Run

By Alexandra Heminsley
Recommended By Megan Kass, Reference Librarian

A journalist and broadcaster shares her hilarious and inspirational personal journey from a self-proclaimed non-athlete to someone who, after many stumbling, painful efforts, has become a runner, which has transformed her relationships, her body and her life.


By James Clavell
Recommended By Megan Kass, Reference Librarian, Sonia Grgas, Health Reference Librarian

After John Blackthorne shipwrecks in Japan, he makes himself useful to a feudal lord in a power struggle with another and becomes a samurai.

Snow Hunters

By Paul Yoon
Recommended By Jackie Ranaldo, Head of Readers' Services

“Though he is a stranger in a strange land, a North Korean war refugee, seeking a new life in a port town on the coast of Brazil, longs to connect with four people who slip in and out of his life, but must confront his traumatic past so he might let go and move on (From the Publisher).”

What Alice Forgot

By Liane Moriarty
Recommended By Pam Strudler, Children's Librarian

“Suffering an accident that causes her to forget the last ten years of her life, Alice is astonished to discover that she is thirty-nine years old, a mother of three children, and in the midst of an acrimonious divorce from a man she dearly loves (From the Publisher).”

Sunday, Sep 21, 2014
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