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2 a.m. at the Cat's Pajamas

By Marie-Helene Bertino
Recommended By Sonia Grgas, Health Reference Librarian

A first novel by a Pushcart Prize-winning writer traces the unlikely bond between a precocious 9-year-old jazz singer, a divorcee teacher who would reunite with her high-school sweetheart and a club owner facing the imminent loss of his Philadelphia business.

Broken for You

By Stephanie Kallos
Recommended By Clare Badke, Account Clerk, Adrienne Rein, Library Clerk, Pam Martin, Head of Adult Programming, Pam Strudler, Children's Librarian

When elderly Margaret Hughes discovers that she has a malignant brain tumor, she refuses treatment and decides to take a nice young tenant into her huge, lonely Seattle mansion for company.

City of Thieves

By David Benioff
Recommended By Susan Adams, Library Assistant, Ralph Guiteau, Readers' Services Librarian

Documenting his grandparents' experiences during the siege of Leningrad, a young writer learns his grandfather's story about how a military deserter and he tried to secure pardons by gathering hard–to–find ingredients for a powerful colonel's daughter's wedding cake.


By Shannon Hale
Series Daisy Danger Series
Recommended By Sharon Long, Teen Librarian

When aspiring astronaut Maisie Danger Brown and the other space camp students get the opportunity to do something amazing in space, Maisie must prove how dangerous she can be and how far she is willing to go to protect everything she has ever loved.

Denali's Howl: the deadliest climbing disaster on America's wildest peak

By Andy Hall
Recommended By Amy B., Children's Librarian

Draws on survivor testimonies, lost documents and radio communications to chronicle the harrowing 1967 Mount McKinley climbing tragedy involving the deaths of seven mountaineers.

Fault in Our Stars

By John Green
Recommended By Lisa Jones, Readers' Services Librarian, Pam Strudler, Children's Librarian, Evelyn Hershkowitz, Readers' Services Librarian, Sharon Long, Teen Librarian

Sixteen-year-old Hazel, a stage IV thyroid cancer patient, has accepted her terminal diagnosis until a chance meeting with a boy at cancer support group forces her to reexamine her perspective on love, loss, and life.

Guilty Pleasures

By Laurell K. Hamilton
Series Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter
Recommended By Stacey Levine, Readers' Services Librarian

Anita Blake raises the dead for a living in a world where vampires and werewolves are legal citizens of the United States.

Invisible City

By Julia Dahl
Series Rebekah Roberts Series
Recommended By Ed Goldberg, Head of Reference

“Investigating the murder of a Hasidic Jewish woman who because of religious laws will be buried without an autopsy, Brooklyn journalist Rebekah Roberts, whose Jewish mother abandoned her as a baby, intercedes to prevent the woman’s killer from getting away with the crime (From the Publisher).”

Land of Steady Habits

By Ted Thompson
Recommended By Jean Simpson, Readers' Services Librarian

Newly retired, with his sons fully grown and graduated from college, Anders Hill leaves his wife of more than forty years, buys a condo, and seeks freedom, but discovers that the world he left behind may be what he was seeking all along (From the Publisher).

Lucky Us

By Amy Bloom
Recommended By Betty Petreshock, Reference Librarian

Forging a life together after being abandoned by their parents, half-sisters Eva and Iris share decades in and out of the spotlight in golden-era Hollywood and mid-20th-century Long Island.

Manor: Three Centuries at a Slave Plantation on Long Island

By Mac Griswold
Recommended By Brenda Cherry, Reference Librarian
With Jackie Ranaldo, Head of Readers' Services

Tuesday, May 13, 2014. 7:30 PM.

Long Island Reads 2014 Selection
“A compelling history of a Long Island plantation, spanning three centuries and eleven generations, reveals the extensive but little-known story of Northern slavery.” (From the Publisher)


By Terry Prachett
Recommended By Jessikah Chautin, Children's Librarian

After a devastating tsunami destroys all that they have ever known, Mau, an island boy, and Daphne, an aristocratic English girl, together with a small band of refugees, set about rebuilding their community and all the things that are important in their lives.

Necessary Lies

By Diane Chamberlain
Recommended By Jackie Ranaldo, Head of Readers' Services

Caring for her family on their mid-twentieth-century tobacco farm after the loss of her parents, fifteen-year-old Ivy connects with Grace County social worker Jane Forrester, who strains her personal and professional relationships with her advocacy of Ivy's family.

Patchwork Planet

By Anne Tyler
Recommended By Rosemarie Birofka, Librarian Trainee

Relates the story of Baltimore’s Barnaby Gaitlin, a furniture mover with a history of misdemeanors and a fair-weather girlfriend.

People in the Photo

By Helene Gestern
Recommended By Sue Ann R., Head of Children's Services

A photograph taken in 1971 sets two people on the path to uncovering the truth about their parents (From the Publisher).


By Kaui Hart Hemmings
Recommended By Audrey Honigman, Library Clerk

Overwhelmed by her son Cully's avalanche-related death, single mother Sarah St. John struggles through the well-meant advice of loved ones before a young woman appears on her doorstep, carrying a secret that will change their lives irrevocably.

Red Dragon

By Thomas Harris
Series Hannibal Lecter Novels
Recommended By Megan Kass, Systems Manager

Will Graham's unusual, fearful ability to project himself into the minds of psychopaths puts him on the trail of Francis Dolorhyde, whose bizarre and bloody murders of two suburban families have been triggered by his viewing of a William Blake watercolor.


Became the movie: Red Dragon and the TV show: Hannibal.


By Joseph Finder
Recommended By John Shea, Library Page

Unable to afford the private school his daughter adores, single father Danny Goodman reluctantly accepts a loan from a wealthy man only to be forced to choose between false drug charges and an undercover DEA assignment targeting his best friend

While Beauty Slept

By Elizabeth Blackwell
Recommended By Stacey Levine, Readers' Services Librarian, Jackie Ranaldo, Head of Readers' Services

Reflecting on her long-ago service with a princess who fell under a sleeping curse, Elise remembers witnessing how events actually transpired and were connected to a secretive labyrinth of evil.

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